New Circle Two Disc Golf plans to grow local’s love for the sport

New Circle Two Disc Golf plans to grow local's love for the sport
New Circle Two Disc Golf plans to grow local's love for the sport
Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 7:16 PM EDT
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BRADFORD, Maine (WABI) - Just over the Hudson town line, in Bradford, a disc golf enthusiast has a new course open.

It’s called circle two disc golf. Its purpose, and its name, is all about a love for the sport.

“Couple of friends had invited me to play a round," says Circle Two Disc Golf owner Andrew Kahl. "I bought a couple of cheap discs and I was like well this is really frustrating. I want to get better at this.”

Orono native Andrew Kahl fell in love with the sport.

“I enjoyed the process of seeing the disk fly in the air,” says Kahl, “once you got that good shot where it went exactly where you want it to. it was elation.”

He wanted to share that love.

“Forget about all the things that are happening, especially in the times we are in right now. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse issues, disc golf is one of those things that is really going to give you that opportunity to release those emotions, and find your way through the woods.”

So Kahl headed into the woods, to open them up.

“I had a vision to created a course that was more accessible for people in our area,” says Kahl, “I had only picked up a chainsaw once or twice before i started the project. I was out in two feet of snow with my chainsaw, cutting in the middle of January, just trying to crush and do as much as I could to get this place going.”

A two year process of creating Circle Two Disc Golf.

“Everyone has come out here and helped me,” says Kahl, “Volunteering their time because one man, and 30 acres, isn’t easy.”

Inexperienced golfers might not understand the name circle two. So, I’m standing inside circle one, real close to the hole, for putts.

“Circle one is 33 feet or 10 meters in,” says Andrew, “Circle two is where the best players in the game make a lot of their putts. That’s the difference between a player that is just succeeding and a player that is just over the moon.”

Course complete and dreams now of helping locals find circle two.

“Biggest thing I am going to be trying to do, over the next couple years, is try to get disc golf into every local school in the Bangor area," says Kahl, “Disc golf club is the perfect opportunity for young kids to get out here and get to enjoy the sport.”

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