RSU 25 approves framework for back to school

Pre-K through 4th grade in person. 5th through 12th grade are hybrid.
RSU 25's School Board approved the framework for students to go back to school.
RSU 25's School Board approved the framework for students to go back to school.(WABI)
Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 4:48 PM EDT
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BUCKSPORT, Maine (WABI) - RSU 25′s School Board approved the framework for students to go back to school.

TV5 was in Bucksport Wednesday to learn about how the school is embracing technology in an effort to help getting back to normal.

“Pre-K through grade 4 would be in person programming,” said Superintendent Jim Boothby. “At the same time we’re going to have for kindergarten and grade one two and three for a virtual teacher.”

School officials in RSU 25 say about 85 percent of students have opted to return to some sort of in person learning.

Efforts to make the return safe are underway, including the design and building of their own partitions for teachers desks.

“Grades 5 through 12 will be doing a hybrid schedule,” explained Boothby. “They’ll be working on a purple and gold rotation.”

Purple students will be in person Monday and Wednesday.

Gold on Tuesday and Thursday.

All classes will be remote on Friday. It will also always be a noon dismissal to allow teachers more time to deal with the multitude of things on their plates.

RSU 25 has invested in a video streaming system that will allow every student that is learning remotely that day to watch and participate in the live feed from the classroom.

“I think everyone learned last year that remote learning couldn’t happen the way it did in the spring,” said Bucksport High School Principal Josh Tripp. “We were forced into a situation that we had very little time to plan and be prepared for that situation. I think through our investments into the hardware such as the cameras in the classroom we are going to be able to provide a more normal experience for students even when they’re not here in the building.”

“Busing was one of the major considerations in this plan,” said Boothby. “Because with busing we have a limitations of the number of students on the bus.”

22 to 24 students on a bus, depending on it’s size. One student to a seat unless they are from the same household.

RSU 25 used mostly tables pre pandemic, however, using CARES Act funding, an order for 1,100 new desks has been placed.

“That is the one thing that is still hanging out there for us,” siad Boothby. “So, I am a typical superintendent I have to worry about everything, I’m worried about that. I’ve been assured by our vendor that they are going to ship on August 31 and will have them the next day. Will be ready to go for September 8.”

As for the tables and other things that there isn’t space for because of social distancing needs.

Shipping containers will be used for storage to ensure nothing is damaged and can be used in the years ahead.

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