Roadtrip through some of Maine’s roadside oddities

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Maine is full of some little known roadside oddities, and the best way to discover them is with a summer road trip.

Starting in Searsport where Daniel Knox has built a full scale Tardis from the British show Doctor Who.

Sitting out front of his Brock Road home, it’s already gaining attention.

“Well they said that coming down the street, it shocks some of them,” said Knox.

Also in Searsport along Rt. 1 is the statue of the golden hand reaching out of the ground.

Folks at Oceanside Chiropractic say it certainly grabs attention.

“The hand is the symbol of the work that we do in healing. So people were missing our big sign. So we decided this would be a great way addition to get their attention. And we’ve not had one new patient miss our turn. We just say take either a right or left at the hand,” said Dr. Michael Housman and Mylisa Vowles, of Oceanside Chiropractic.

In Belfast, Perry's Nut House and Bennett's Gems and Jewelry are popular pit stops for travelers.

And outside are two local landmarks, Nutzy the Squirrel, and the Pink Dinosaur.

“They just love the place, we’ve been here for 93 years. But people come here for generations, 3-4 generations,” said Kent Darling of Perry’s Nut House.

“We needed to have something that was easy to see from the road as people drove by. So we put the Styracosaurus out there, and it’s pink, and it’s been attracting kids and their parents for almost 32 years,” said Kim Dunn, Owner of Bennett’s Gems and Jewelry.

Every town has its charm, but in Fairfield, locals and tourists know about 80's charmer Tom Selleck.

His poster greets folks traveling Rt. 104 inside the shed with the little red door.

“So we came to Maine every summer. So when we saw the Tom Selleck poster we knew like it kind of got to become a joke. Tom we’re almost to camp. He’s always been there for as long as I can remember,” said Lindsay Davis of Bath.

The poster has been there for nearly 30 years, and replaced over time with an exact copy.

“I think it’s just an icon, and it’s a good landmark you know? Where are you in Fairfield? Well I see a Tom Selleck sign, well everyone knows now where you’re at,” said Jack Adams of Fairfield.

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