Maine CDC Director talks about handling coronavirus cases at schools

What will happen in the fall if there is a coronavirus case at a Maine school?
Maine CDC Director talks about coronavirus cases at schools.
Maine CDC Director talks about coronavirus cases at schools.(MGN)
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 7:02 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Maine CDC Director Doctor Nirav Shah talked about that during Thursday’s briefing.

Dr. Shah says they will remove the child with coronavirus symptoms from the school setting and have their pediatrician test them immediately.

The child will also be tested for other illnesses like influenza. The Department of Education liaison and the Maine C-D-C liaison will work together to see who the student has been in contact with.

They will also devise a plan for the school and determine who else may need to be tested and quarantined.

“In some cases, that may be an entire classroom. Maybe even wider than that. Those children will have to be quarantined and made sure that if they develop symptoms, they’re offered testing at the appropriate time. Then the third question is, ‘what do we have to do at the school level? Who else needs to be tested? Will their teacher need to be tested or other staff members who may have come into contact with a student need to be tested,‘” says Shah.

He says while he knows seating charts can help when it comes to getting a sense of who a student comes in contact with, he understands that may not be feasible for all classrooms.

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