The importance of the school nurse in safely going back to school

Glenburn School adjusting for different approach amid pandemic.
School nurse plans for fall
School nurse plans for fall(WABI)
Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 3:57 PM EDT
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GLENBURN, Maine (WABI) - At the center of the plans for a safe return to school this year, is the school nurse.

TV5 was in Glenburn Wednesday to learn more about what this fall is going to look like for them.

“Our goal is as much in person school as possible with the hopes that we can stay open as long as possible,” said Lorrie Springer, who is entering her 6th year the Glenburn School for kids Pre-K to 8th grade.

“On a typical day last year I probably saw 40 to 60 kids in a day,” she said. “So, this year will be drastically different for sure.”

This year the students won’t always come to her.

“We are going to try to be more mobile,” she explained. “Instead of having students in the hallway congregating or not being able to socially distance I am going to try and go to them. So, we’re going to build a cart, a medical cart where a teacher can call me and say this is happening.”

Her office will now be a place for kids dealing with something like a skinned knee.

Anyone displaying COVID 19 symptoms will go to the gymnasium.

“Our gym has the most ventilation so it makes sense to make that our isolation pod or pods,” said Springer.

Signage and hand sanitizing stations will be spread all through the school.

“I think the biggest obstacle is going to be making sure that we can recognize the differences, if that’s even possible,” she said. “Making sure that the students that aren’t feeling well are separated from students that are and everybody taking that very seriously.”

She went on to say, “There’s so many variables that surround a positive case it really is going to be situational I think.”

Glenburn will still serve lunch in the cafeteria. Students sit at each end of long tables that will be spaced apart, keeping the number of people in the room under 50. All part of the effort to make the best of this situation.

“We haven’t had that ability to bring a lot of people back together in such a small building or such a small area,” she said. “So, I think there is fear that surrounds that. And I do think it’s important that parents in our community know that we also fear that and that we are taking it very seriously. The number one concern is the safety of the students the parents the staff.”

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