Kids in Bangor Hold Lemonade Stand for Hurricane Relief

Donations were tallied on Sunday and the stand made $391.

Travel Tips for Thanksgiving Week

More than 2 million of those travelers will be on the road in the New England region.

Christmas Tree Bound for Boston Stops for Ceremony in Augusta

Nova Scotians have been sending a Christmas tree to Boston as a way to thank them for providing help after the explosion.

Blueberry Broadcasting Hosts 18th Annual Food Drive

They're accepting nonperishable foods and cash donations.

Closing of Macy's and K-Mart Causes Concern for Salvation Army

This year, after the closing of a few key stores in the Bangor area, the Salvation Army is worried about reaching their goal.

Searsport District High School Hosts First LEGO League Qualifying Tourney

Aspiring engineers went head to head Saturday in a big LEGO showdown

John Bapst Memorial High School to Expand

Demolition plans are in place to make room for new facilities across the street from the school.


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