Challenger Experiment: Newton's First Law

Science that Matters: Chocolate as an Anti-Aging Tool

Science that Matters: Peripheral Neuropathy

Challenger Learning Center: Capillary Action

Science with Dr. Bob: Ocean Absorbs Heat like a Sponge

Challenger Learning Center: Milk Sculptures

Ocean Acidity: Trouble for Shellfish

Science with Dr. Bob: How Do Greenhouse Gases Warm the Earth?

Challenger Learning Center: Ice Ramp Experiment

Science with Dr. Bob: Cabbage as a pH Indicator

Challenger Learning Center: Floating and Density

Crowds See Cosmic Event of The Century at Acadia National Park

UMaine Students Participating in Great American Eclipse Project

Safely Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Maine

Countdown to solar eclipse

Challenger Learning Center Experiment: Chromatography

Challenger Learning Center: Creating Chemical Reactions


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