Waterville couple indicted for alleged sexual abuse of children

Manslaughter trial of Rockport woman begins in Belfast, jury visits crime scene

Manslaughter trial of Rockport woman begins in Belfast

8 year prison sentence for Solon arson

Hartland man sentenced to jail time for home burglaries

Jay man to spend 6 years in prison for fatal shooting over drug debt

Massachusetts woman sentenced to 17 years for northern Maine homicide

Former Marine Patrol officer enters guilty plea to OUI charge

Bail Set For Hampden Woman Accused of Attempted Murder

Bangor Man Charged With Multiple Crimes Appears in Court

Judge denies motion to remove state prosecutors from Carrillo case

Bangor man sentenced to more than two years for distributing fentanyl

Teen sentenced for fatal 2016 crash

"I'll see her again": Family reacts following guilty verdict in Tieman murder trial

Luc Tieman delivers closing arguments in his own trial

"Web of lies": Luc Tieman testifies, admits he fabricated stories to State Police

"What else do you do with a dead body?": Audio recordings played in Day 4 of Tieman murder trial

Jurors hear evidence of text message sent by man accused of killing his wife

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