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Poll Results: Do you agree with the new Maine law requiring health care providers to have an opioid prescription policy?

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On Wednesday the Portland City Council voted to transfer their contract with Waterfront Concerts over to Live Nation. Alex Gray, owner of Waterfront Concerts, pleaded guilty in October to domestic assault.
A group of Waterville residents are working to recall Mayor Isgro after a tweet he made toward Parkland, Florida teen David Hogg telling him to 'Eat it.' Isgro was let go from his job at Skowhegan Savings Bank as a result the tweet.
This question is in regards to the state auditor suggesting Maine should stop following legal advice to use millions of federal dollars for Riverview psychiatric hospital. According to the auditor, Maine keeps using the funds despite facing a $51 million fine for doing so.
This question is in response to EMMC hiring one full time chaplain after last month's decision to eliminate three paid chaplain positions.
This question is in response to state fishing regulators holding meetings on whether to place restrictions on the upcoming scallop season.

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