York County Sheriff Hosts Forum about No Longer Holding ICE Detainees Past Release Date

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YORK, Maine (WMTW) Residents in York County had the chance to speak with Sheriff Bill King about his decision to no longer holding ICE detainees past their release date.

Sheriff King says holding these inmates on ICE agent's requests violates the 4th Amendment.

He's not the only sheriff in Maine to make this move.

Last month, Governor LePage sent a letter to all county sheriffs, directing them to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

He wrote he will remove elected Maine sheriffs who won't hold immigrants for immigration reasons.

"This is not something I think we're going to solve tonight. I know the governor's office is working with the sheriffs in order to come to an accommodation. I also believe that ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a role in this." Says Sheriff King.

Organizers of Wednesday night's forum say they hope those who attended left with more education, not necessarily a different opinion.