Students in Cherryfield Give Back During Maine Gleaning Week

Students from Mr. Apsalom's U.S. History class got a lesson in civic duty.

A lesson that's literally hands-on: gleaning.

Brittany Britton/senior
"It's when you harvest things that go to waste," says Brittany Britton, a senior at Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School.

The gleaning concept is taking crops from farms or community gardens that would normally go to waste or be left out in the field and give it to those in need.

"It helps people who need food," says Linda Alley, a Narraguagus sophomore.

"The kids will poke around the farm and we'll find some extra vegetables left over from the harvest and they'll be able to harvest them and bring them to the food bank or bring them home," says Michael Hayden, owner of Folklore Farm.

This is all part of Maine Gleaning Week. The non-profit Healthy Acadia has been working with other community agencies to get the students on the farm and get the food to those in need all over Hancock and Washington Counties.

"I think students almost learn the most when they're out of the classroom. They get a chance to learn a lot more, they get to see different relationships, they get to be themselves, so, I think it's a great opportunity," says Tom Apsalom, a U.S. history teacher.

An opportunity to learn where healthy food comes from and what it feels like to give back.