Heritage Days Celebrates Searsport's Maritime History

SEARSPORT, Maine (WABI) "It's history that needs to be known."

A history that began back in the 18th century.

Incorporated in 1845, the town of Searsport has been famously known for its shipbuilding and sea captains.

"Searsport has a rich maritime heritage and a lot of people don't know about it because in the 1800's there were seven shipyards here building wooden ships in at one time a temp of all registered sea captains United States lived in Searsport."

In addition to drawing attention to the past, the maritime heritage event is meant to raise awareness of the town's potential.

"We're a small town but we're right in there. Many ships are built here in the 19 century and many ships are built along the coast and where one of them but we're very proud of our town."

New this year is a boat parade.

Anyone with a vessel was encouraged to join the parade from the wharf.

And for being only the second year, folks say the turnout, especially locally has been growing.

"We just want more people especially locally to be involved with their town and we hope that by presenting the history that will get more people interested in the town. And, to be proud of us. Absolutely, we are proud of Searsport. We want everyone to be proud of Searsport."