RSU 9 Votes Against Proposed School Budget Third Time in Row

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Farmington, Maine (WABI) The Mt. Blue Regional School District, or RSU 9, voted against a proposed school budget for the third time Tuesday night.

Nearly $1 million from last years was cut from the $32 million budget proposal.

More than 30 staff members would have been laid off had it passed.

The budget was rejected by a more than 1,200 vote margin - with around 4,000 votes cast.

There will be a meeting Thursday night at 7 on the Mt. Blue Campus to begin the process of creating a new budget proposal.

The affected towns are as follows:

Chesterville: 168 yes and 166 no

Farmington: 565 yes and 1,243 no

Industry: 60 yes and 139 no

New Sharon: 227 yes and 210 no

New Vineyard: 99 yes and 78 no

Starks: 24 yes and 156 no

Temple: 58 yes and 123 no

Vienna: 41 yes and 124 no

Weld: 44 yes and 79 no

Wilton: 322 yes and 575 no

Total: 1,608 yes and 2,893 no, or 4,501 total votes cast.