Man in Prison for 27 Years Returns to Court for Murder Conviction Overturn

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PORTLAND, Maine (WMTW) Opening statements began Tuesday in the case of Tony Sanborn, who is trying to get his murder conviction overturned.

Sanborn was convicted of stabbing his 16 year old girlfriend, Jessica Briggs, to death in 1992.

He has served 27 years in prison.

His case is getting another look because of new testimony from a witness, as well as questions about the conduct of police as well as prosecutors.

His attorney says Sanborn is the victim of a long-standing cover-up.

Sanborn was 16 when Briggs was killed.

"Danny Young and Jim Daniels did not put any pressure on Hope Cady in my presence. Are you aware in this case of any perjury being done? I am absolutely not aware of any perjury that was done. " says Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber.

Sanborn's attorney claims evidence in the case was withheld, and her client's rights to due process were violated.