How Did You Celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

BELFAST, ME (WABI) If you have a sweet tooth, Sunday was the day for you.

Today, is a national holiday. What holiday you ask?

National Ice Cream Day!

A day to honor a sweet treat that over 90% of Americans say they love.

We got the scoop from the folks at Stone Fox Farm Creamery on the best way to eat this favorite dessert.

"Out of the cone. Ice cream should always be in out of the cone. I mean it's a little messy so I understand if kids eat it out of a dish or if you don't eat gluten," says April Goldberg from Stone Fox Farm Creamery.

Stone Fox Farm Creamery says their best seller is Salted Caramel, but they make over 20 flavors for ice cream enthusiasts to enjoy.