GoodTech Program Launches at Bangor Goodwill

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) The Bangor Goodwill store hosting their technology event on Saturday.

The company recently started a technology access program that lets people get computers at an affordable price.

A team of tech experts were on hand to help people find the right computer for them and how to use it.

Folks at Goodwill say this is a great way to recycle old electronics.

"It keeps computers out of landfills," said Shirley Hall, store manager at the Bangor Goodwill. "It recycles them, which we're a hundred percent about recycling. Almost everything we get gets recycled in one way or another, and the biggest piece of it is it helps people that need help. That's just wonderful."

Anyone wanting to donate to the program can dispose of their old electronics at the Bangor Goodwill. And for more information about the GoodTech program you can visit