College of the Atlantic Students Bringing Turkeys From Farm to Table

BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) Thanksgiving is less than a week away.

It means lots of food, especially the traditional turkey.

College of the Atlantic students have been working on a farm learning what farm to table truly means.

Farm Manager CJ Walke says, "The farm is about 125 acres overall, owned and operated by the College of the Atlantic."

The Peggy Rockefeller Farms raises livestock and grows vegetables and fruit trees.

Walke says, "About two thirds of that gets used by the college's dining services and the other third gets sold locally."

In addition to feeding students bellies, the farm also feeds their minds...

Ivy Enoch, a College of the Atlantic student says, "This is my second year working at Peggy Rockefeller Farm."

Ivy Enoch is studying sustainable food systems and sustainable agriculture at College of the Atlantic and works on the farm eight to twelve hours a week.

Enoch says, "In the morning we'll do chores and in the afternoon we'll do chores and throughout the day we'll work on various building projects. It's really rewarding and working with the animals is tremendous."

For the past four months students have been raising turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving.

Walk says, "Our turkeys are certified organic by MOFGA and we raise them in a pasture based system."

Enoch says, "In the classroom I'm learning about locally produced food and the importance of it and so being able to apply that to the farm is really fantastic. Throughout the season watching these turkeys be raised and then participating in the slaughter is really important. I think knowing where your food comes from is a privilege."

Enoch says she loves knowing she had a hand in the farm to table process.

She says, "I think just knowing that these turkeys had a happy life, I participated in the growing of them and they'll be going to a holiday meal is wonderful."

Turkeys are for sale via a sign up sheet at the Town Hill Market in Bar Harbor.