Bucksport Officials Working to Attract Ecotourism

BUCKSPORT, Maine (WABI) - Officials in Bucksport say they are taking steps to make themselves a more attractive ecotourism destination.

Recently they have started a process of becoming more energy efficient.

On Main Street there is now an electric car charging station.

It's free to anyone and is the first of it's kind in Hancock County.

On the waterfront there's the installation of new LED downward facing lights.

All part of their illuminating post-mill outlook.

"We are not going to sit and wait for things to come to us," said Economic Development Director Rich Rotella, "We're going to be go-getters. We are going to go out and get them. Plenty of effort is going around town and it's listening to our citizens and also the tourists that come visit. On your way to Acadia or Bangor or Ellsworth stop to Bucksport. See this beautiful walkway, see the lights at night time and how beautiful it is and how responsible we are being with the earth."

This is just the start in Bucksport.

Soon the process of switching town buildings over to energy efficient lights will begin.

Thursday night the Town Council will consider adding solar panels to the town garage.