Annual Blues Festival Hits Rockland Harbor

ROCKLAND, ME (WABI) Rockland Harbor is full of folks for one weekend every year and it's all for the blues.

"She just came from the Netherlands for a jazz blues festival."

Blues enthusiasts from all over the country come to Vacationland for the North Atlantic Blues Festival.

"We're here on a girls road trip. We heard about it and decided to come out and we are having a great time."

Eleven recording acts from all around the world were chosen to take the stage this weekend.

But, not without an audition.

Co-producer Paul Benjamin says their main goal is to provide the coast of Maine with the best blues acts.

And with performers like this, they know they've hit the jackpot.

"Picking the band is the hardest part but getting them is the easy part because they all want to play so it has a good reputation."

In addition to live entertainment, folks enjoy a wide array of food, drinks, and crafts.

For Sheila Godhigh and Emma Morris, this festival brings out the best in themselves and music lovers alike.

"You meet all different kinds of people. Music just makes people love each other you know it's a common denominator for everybody."

For these friends who made the long distance trip, their first time to Maine has been nothing like the blues.

"It just brings out the best in everybody and you forget all your worries and everybody's in harmony and just rocking it."

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